Amazon’s Kindle losing market share to Apple’s iPad

Amazon’s Kindle has rapidly been losing its share in the US market to Apple’s iPad tablet, a study carried out by ChangeWave Research claimed.

According to the data compiled ChangeWave Research, the Kindle lost 15 per cent of its market share, from 62 per cent in August to 47 per cent in November. On the other hand, the iPad’s share in the e-reader market climbed 16 per cent to settle at 32 per cent during the same period.

The rest of the market was under the jurisdiction of the Sony Reader (5 per cent), and the Barnes & Noble Nook (4 per cent).

ChangeWave Research questioned more than 2,800 people and found that 75 per cent of the iPad users were very satisfied with their devices, while merely 54 per cent of Kindle users expressed contentment with their devices.

The research also found major differences in the content being read on the devices. Ninety-three per cent of Kindle owners use their devices for reading books as compared with 76 per cent for iPad users. Kindle owners were not using their devices as frequently for reading newspapers, newsfeeds, magazines and blogs, as iPad owners did.

Apple launched the iPad on 3rd of April and sold more than two million units within first three months after its launch. Strategy Analytics claims that the iPad owns 95 per cent share of the tablet computer market.