FCC looks into Comcast and Level 3 dispute

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking into a dispute between Comcast and Internet network operator Level 3 Communications Inc.

Level 3 recently bagged a contract to provide streaming video services for Netflix customers. Comcast asked Level 3 to compensate it for carrying the higher volume of Level 3 traffic over its network.

But, Level 3 triggered alarm for net neutrality by claiming that Comcast had demanded it to pay a recurring fee for delivering video traffic to Comcast customers.

On the other hand, cable giant Comcast accuses Level 3 of "trying to game" the peering practice.

Writing to the FCC, Comcast’s Senior VP Joseph Waz stated, “It is Level 3 that is seeking 'non-neutral' treatment that would favor its network traffic over those of all its competitors.”

When internet backbone providers connect to each other (commonly known as peering) none of the two sides charge the other in case the traffic they carry for the each other is approximately the same.

Pointing out this trend, Comcast is arguing that Level 3 asked it to establish thirty extra connection ports to support increased traffic. Comcast claims that it asked Level 3 to pay for the additional traffic as its new traffic will change the balance.