Edinburgh Zoo penguins become internet sensation

Heavy snow falling in Scotland forced authorities to close Edinburgh Zoo, but internet users could watch penguins playing in the snow without actually visiting the zoo, thanks to the penguin cam on Twitter.

Claire Richardson, marketing assistant at the zoo, noticed that the Gengtoo penguins were more active than ever, and posted a tweet to allow people to see the penguins in action.

It took merely two hours for the Edinburgh Zoo to become in the UK's top Twitter searches. At one point, Claire's link to the penguin cam was receiving up to ten re-tweets per minute.

Thus the penguins became an internet sensation, even though the zoon was closed due to bad weather.

Speaking on the topic, Claire said, "The penguin cam is always popular but it's gone absolutely crazy today, to the point where I can't keep up with how many times it has been linked to.

The Edinburgh zoo also has a chimp cam. But, sensible chimps hardly venture out in such a cold weather.