Microsoft’s new touch-screen technology to bring Braille to tablets

Visually impaired people will soon be able to use touch-screen devices such as tablets as Microsoft claimed to have found a way to develop a screen that can create a surface which physically responds to touch.

According to a report published in the New Scientist, software giant Microsoft filed a patent application with the US patent office for a display technology that is capable of changing its shape to create a textured surface.

The display technology, called Light-Induced Shape-Memory Polymer Display Screen, can create small ridges and textures on its surface which can work as navigation guides. Such a display could offer virtual keyboard which will give visually impaired people the feel of an actual keyboard.

Microsoft's senior users experience designer, Erez Kikin-Gil, has been listed as the inventor of the technology.

The revolutionary new technology will help the company in producing Braille-capable touch-screen devices. One can also expect the technology to pave way for the development of Braille e-Reader devices in future.