Apple's first computer auctioned for £133,250

Apple-1, a computer manufactured by company co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage in 1976, fetched £133,250 in an auction in London.

The computer was purchased by private collector Marco Boglione. Marco Boglione’s brother Francesco Boglione said that his brother had purchased the computer as he loved computers.

Originally, the Apple-1 computer, which had 8k of RAM and an 8-bit 6502 microprocessor, was priced at $666.66. Thus Christie's managed to fetch amount 425 times more than the iPad.

Auction house Christie's said that the figure fetched by Apple-1 set a record for a personal computer sold at auction.

However, the Apple-1 has 1MHz processor, which is 1000 times slower than the 1GHz processor of the iPad. Moreover, the winner of the auction will also have to purchase his own monitor and keyboard as neither were included in Apple's offering.

The Apple-1 computer, which was sold with its original packaging and a signed letter from Steve Jobs, is one of merely 200 such models ever made.