UNESCO’S list includes French Cuisine

From last two years, fleet of French chefs, politicians including the French President Nicolas Sarkozy were working hard to place French cuisine into the UNESCO's world heritage list and at last on Tuesday, French cuisine captures its position in the UNESCO's list.

French cuisine represents a festive meal which brings people together to enjoy an occasion to enjoy the art of good drinking and eating.

UNESCO includes different cuisines and represents cultural diversities so now is the time for France to enjoy its victory, said by Catherine Colonna, the French Ambassador to UNESCO.

Whereas Jean Robert Pitte, the president of the French mission for the food culture and the patrimony expresses that inclusion of French cuisine in the UNESCO's heritage list is just the beginning of the work.

He said that in order to remain in the competition they have to face various global challenges and it is more harmful to get listed than remain unspotted.

Apart from French Cuisine other institutions that were spotted I the UNESCO's list were Peking opera and Corsican polyphonic chant for their world art and traditions.

Inclusion in the UNESCO list just don't mean conservations of recipe of blanquette de veau or boeuf bourguignon nor it shows superiority over others, whereas it shows that every country has their own heritage and their own way to prepare a gastronomic meal, including wines, dishes and food, said by Pitte.