Reasons to ditch CRTs in favor of flat screens

There are many reasons that support people's move to ditch old cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions in favor of thin, high-definition, flat screens.

No one can deny the fact that flat screens cost more than CRTs, but deliver more. Modern flat screens do not require large, solid cabinets which encroach into the lounge room.

The most common reason people give to put off the purchase of a new flat screen is that they want the technology to stabilize. But, the flat screens have proved that they are based on a technology that is mature, proven and reliable.

CRTs were all about broadcast television, but these days that is merely a fraction of a television's entertainment package.

Moreover, flat screens nowadays yield superior definition and contrast, and cost less than what they used to cost five years back. When Blu-ray was rolled out, compatible full-HD flat screens used to cost around $15,000, but currently they cost less than $1000.

Modern flat screens come packed with a lot more features, such as internet connectivity that allows downloading of programs on demand, USB connections plus slots for SD cards that allow users to show their photographs as well as home movies without any messing with cables.