Pets Rejoice as Families Celebrate Christmas with the Four-Legged Friends

The pet industry in Australia is a burgeoning one and has been stated to rake in $6.02 billion into the Australian economy in the previous year. The economy was provided the injection of money by the sale of pet food, toys, grooming tools and veterinary services.

The estimate regarding the positive impact on the Australian economy by the pet industry was made by the Australian Companion Animal Council. The study by the Council also found that people usually treated their pets as a member of the family, with presents being bought for pets on occasions like Christmas.

While talking about the results of the study, a North Ipswich Pet Shop owner, Jason Brazeley stated that the conclusion did not surprise him at all. He added that it was quite common for people to buy Christmas presents for their animals and treat them as a member of the family.

The situation could be further seen positively by looking at the costs going into the gifts, with gifts varying from a couple of dollars for treats to hundreds for the best dog kennel or a cat scratching post. He gave an example of a family buying a play gym for a parrot last year.