Highlighting Violence Against Women

Almost half of the Australian women over the age of 15 are said to be the victims of violence with around 30% of them having experienced physical assault.

While 16% of such cases were found to be by their current or former partner, it was seen that one on five of such cases had been sexually assaulted.

The international day which is led by men, for the elimination of violence against women is being celebrated as the White Ribbon Day.

Chief Executive of the Women's Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services Angela Hartwig said that this day was intended to shift attitudes and celebrate women's hearts and minds.

"It is an opportunity to challenge and shift attitudes towards women within the community and value women equal to their male counterparts", she added.

The police is said to have attended around 1000 incidents of domestic violence in WA and this was like an alarm warning about the rising cases of incidents.

A fundraising event is being hosted by Perth's White Ribbon at the Rydges Hotel in Perth on Thursday at 6.30pm. This event will have Shadow Treasurer and White Ribbon Day Ambassador Ben Wyatt together with Matt Rosa and Will Schofield from the West Coast Eagles.