Facebook virtual currency goes on sale at Tesco and GAME

UK gamers can now purchase virtual online goods within Facebook, such as gifts and items in applications like Farmville, using virtual currency Facebook Credits that has been made available in more than 1,000 high street stores of supermarket chain Tesco and games retailer GAME.

The gift cards, which will allow users to purchase virtual farm animals or to pay to attend virtual events, costs £10 or £20. It should be noted here that the virtual currency is redeemable only on Facebook.

Earlier in September, Facebook said that it would roll out Credits to 1,750 stores across the United States.

Recently prepared Inside Virtual Goods report claims that the virtual goods economy, where money is spent to purchase items that merely exist on the internet, could exceed 550 million pounds for social gaming, like that of Zynga's Farmville, by the end of 2010.

Facebook Credits, which is accepted by over 200 applications and games, have been available online since the start of this year.