India launches Diabetes Walkathon

The Times of India and Beat Diabetes launch their annual walkathon initiative this Sunday and invite interests Indians to raise Diabetes awareness. Every participant can receive a free diabetes checkup.

Participants will start the walk at Bangalore's Kanteerva Stadium and will lead through the beautiful Cubbon Park. The event is accompanied by entertaining live performances.

The International Diabetic Federation (IDF) recently revealed that the number of Indians who are affected by Diabetes amounts to 71 million. This number marks a dramatic growth by approximately 20 million people compared to last year.

Apollo Hospitals' member, endocrinologist Dr Mahesh Sathiavageeswaran, underlines: "This is alarming but hardly surprising. In the past few decades, our lifestyle and food habits have undergone drastic changes. We are shifting away from our traditional food to Western cuisines, which is high on carbohydrates and low on protein. However, we take out very little time to exercise. This coupled with high stress level can lead to diabetes."

Experts stress that only 30 minutes of exercising a day can prevent the diseases. Walking or running for example help the human body to manage blood glucose levels because muscles are responsible for absorbing blood sugar.

From early childhood onwards, Indians should be active and take care to consume balanced meals that do not contain too high amounts of sugar or fat.