Taskforce for Prevention of Suicides among LGBTs Instated

The National Alliance for Suicide Prevention that was launched by the Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius and the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in December would also have a task force to reduce the number of suicides being committed by homosexuals and bisexuals in the country. The Alliance happens to be a public-private collaboration that is being provided support from the Department of Health and SAMHSA.

Administrator for SAMHSA Pamela S. Hyde had announced the plans of a national task force to prevent the number of suicides for LGBT youths. The announcement was a 5-page letter that was sent on the 5th of November. The letter was a response to an investigation conducted by the LGBT Equality Caucus.

Mr. Charles Robbins, Head of the Trevor Project and Kevin Jennings from the Department of Education will be heading the task force. Mr. Jennings preference is not a secret to anyone and the brave man is also known as the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

While talking about the development of a task force, Robbins while talking to a reporter stated that the alliance would deeply affect awareness regarding the LGBT community. Mr. Robbins further announced that he had been a part of such an endeavor in California as well.