3UK sends out “human hotspots” in London

Network provider 3UK has started sending out a number of "human hotspots" to several cities across the country to give Brits free WiFi access.

Each of the 3UK's "human hotspots" is covered in some kind of white body-suit, and is equipped with one of the network provider's MiFi HSDPA modem-cum-access point gadgets. Brits with laptops and other mobile devices can get online for free once they come into range a human hotspot.

The initiative is a part of 3UK's new MiFi advertising campaign to attract interest in its new MiFi device, which makes use of the company's 3G network to create mobile WiFi hotspots.

The WiFi dongle can connect up to five wireless broadband enabled devices at once, and it is small enough to fit in a consumer's pocket.

Commenting on the development, 3UK's marketing manager Matthew Halfin said, "Three's 3G-network was designed for the mobile internet, so we can give people the very best online experience with their mobile gadgets."

Company's human hotspots, which started on November 19 in London, will make trips to Cardiff, Nottingham, Bristol and Newcastle over the next few weeks.