Woman Carrying Out Breast Exams As Plastic Surgeon Arrested

On Tuesday, Police in Idaho made an arrest of a 37 year old woman, who guised herself as a plastic surgeon to perform breast cancer exams.

Kristina Ross has been confirmed on carrying out breast exams on at least two women in bars and nightclubs. She appeared before the court yesterday and the judge set her bond at $100,000.

The case came to light when the patients tried contacting Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna at the office of a licensed cosmetic surgeon at Boise, Idaho. But, actually no such name was there, which alarmed the police. After detectives' investigation from a woman, who was calling surgeon's office and had already got her initial breast exam, Ross' fake identity was disclosed.

She said, "Ross even gave patients a phone number to an actual plastic surgeon's office in order for them to make follow-up appointments".

During the proceedings on Ross at the station, it was found that she was earlier a man. She was also sentenced with jail in 2004.

The charge of carrying out medical practice without having license was inflicted on Ross. There have been concerns that she could have tested more women under false authentication in bars and pubs, which are still unidentified.