Buyout of Four Loko after Announcement of Ban

In line with the US government plan of a federal Four Loko ban, teenagers from the Columbia Heights decided to buy as many of the remaining drinks from retail stores as possible.

The youngsters plan to stock a dozen of the dangerous, caffeinated alcohol drinks and throw a Four Loko party.

A participant of the massive closing sale, Tom Grahsler, explains: "We will be the last earthlings to enjoy the taste of Four Loko. I'm pretty sad to see it go".

After several college and University students got hospitalized after consuming the beverage on parties, several state governments acted with a ban of the cheap drink.

Health official warn especially from the high amount of caffeine that is contained in the alcoholic drink, especially younger citizens keep drinking the energizing product although they are already very alcohol intoxicated.

The Food and Drug Administration acted on the health warnings and alerts the public about the danger of the drinks that contain a mixture of alcohol and caffeine.

The manufacturer of Four Loko reacted by removing the caffeine in the newly produced items.

A student who now buys the last alcohol-caffeine mixtures regards the storage as a great business idea: "I can buy it for around $2 a can, and as stores sell out, people are willing to pay more. People know I'm selling it. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with this stuff".