Red Cross UK Urges South East Residents to Prepare for Floods

The British Red Cross has made a public call on residents of the UK's South East to begin preparing for flash floods. Severe flooding in Cornwall earlier this week resulted in over 100 homes being evacuated. A large-scale clean-up is currently underway in this area, and experts are hoping that warnings will adequately prepare people.

"The weather warnings in place in the South East should be taken seriously. We know from our experience in Cockermouth a year ago that a few simple steps can make all the difference", said Simon Lewis, the Head of Emergency Planning and Response at the British Red Cross.

The organisaton has mobilised emergency response teams, who will be prepared to respond to any emergency situations. They recommend people pack essential items and documents to prepare for evacuation, as well as an emergency kit with water and a first aid pack.

The organisation recommends that people avoid walking on sea defences or riverbanks, and that in the event of a flood they do not come into contact with water, as it may be contaminated with sewage.

People have been advised to check television and radio updates regularly for up-to-date information on the flood situation. The organisation also offers flash flood preparedness advice on its website: www. redcross. org. uk