Macdonald Accuses Fellow MSPs for Rejecting Bill on Assisted Suicide

On Thursday, the hopes for an assisted suicide Bill shattered with a major Holyrood committee saying that it could not back the legislation for right-to-die.

Margo Macdonald, an independent MSP and the one who sponsored the End of Life Assistance Bill alleged her fellow MSPs for rejecting the Bill on the basis of their known hostility. She called for the assessment of criticism made by those MSPs to the Bill in that perspective.

Five of the six MSPs voted against the Bill, as told by the organization Dignity in Dying.

The decision taken by Scottish committee was also condemned by pro-euthanasia campaigners, but the British Medical Association in Scotland was glad with the same.

"Overall, the majority was not persuaded the case had been made to decriminalise the law of homicide as it applies to assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia, termed 'end-of-life assistance' in the Bill", said committee in its report.

If the Bill would have been passed, then anyone aged above 16 could have requested assistance to die, provided the person is terminally ill or permanently physically disabled.

Though, the members were provided with evidences from different organizations, but the detailed discussion on the Bill brought out that there were some flaws in that, as expressed by Convener Ross Finnie.