Young Woman Misdiagnosed with Brain Haemorrhage by NHS Staff

Amy Cartwright, a 21-year-old mother, was recently misdiagnosed by doctors at George Eliot Hospital in Warwickshire. Hospital staff had diagnosed her with a severely damaging and potentially fatal brain heamorrhage. After three days and after acquiring several additional medical opinions, it came to light that the scan had in fact been misread.

Mrs. Cartwright lives with her husband Jonathan and son Jacob in their Nuneaton home, where she collapsed on November 8. Mrs. Cartwright had had a brain tumour removed the year before, and the collapse caused great concern for her mother. She was rushed to the hospital and given an x-ray, several blood tests, a CT scan and eventually an MRI scan.

Mrs. Cartwright did not receive the results from the scan until the following evening, when a nurse told her that staff had found bleeding on the brain. She was told that doctors were getting in touch with neurosurgeons at the University Hospital in Coventry for advice. The following day she was finally told that doctors couldn’t find bleeding, and that they had made a mistake.

Mrs. Cartwright reporting being “left disgusted at the way [she] had been treated”. She has received no apology from the hospital, she says, but “would certainly like to get one”.

“Although we cannot comment on individual cases of care, we are sorry to hear that a patient's experience fell below the standards of care we aim to provide”, said a spokesman for the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust.