Community People Supports Fight against Substance Use

It is National Addictions Awareness Week, which marks the fight against substance abuse. The week is co-incident with the Ontario-wide Drug Awareness Week.

The inauguration of the week was made by introducing the even Rainy River First Nations, which included a community march on Sunday afternoon. More than 65 community members participated in the event and supported the battle against substance abuse. The beating of drums indicated the support for the cause.

Chief Jim Leonard said, “The community will fight and win the battle against addictions, even if it’s just reaching one person at a time”. He applauded the efforts of those within the community, who gave up the use of drugs.

He also talked about the development that has been achieved in the last two years in the community. One is decreasing the number of homes, where drugs are supplied. Second is drug-testing policy that was launched for band employees and for those, who were in the safety sensitive segment.

After the march, there was guest speech by Dennis Hisgun, of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota.

On Monday, the United Native Friendship Centre and Couchiching Treatment and Support Services hosted their yearly Mino-Bimaadiziwin Living the Good Life sobriety walk.

A seminar for seniors on the safety of prescription was conducted by Gerri Yerxa, with the District Mental Health Services for Older Adults Program.

There were also numerous such events that were conducted to mark the celebration of week to fight against substance abuse.