Charity Report Calls for Meditation to be "Routinely Available on NHS"

A recent report published by a charity has asserted that if more GPs and doctors could offer meditation as a therapy to their patients, they would be able to pull back the financial burden which results in the treatment of depression, which costs the British economy an estimated 7.5 Billion Pounds every year.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, which fuses together meditation with the traditional "thought training", is also highly recommended for depression which recurs by the group that oversees the cost effectiveness of NHS offered treatments.

In 2004, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence issued the guidance after various studies hinted that MBCT could cut down depression relapses by about 50%.

Now, about 5 years later, only nearly a fifth of the GPs admitted to having access to the treatment for their patients, and only about 1 in 20 prescribe the therapy regularly. The report, Be Mindful, by the Mental Health Foundation, has confirmed.

"MBCT could be helping to prevent thousands of people from relapsing into depression every year. This would have huge knock-on benefits both socially and financially", said Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation.