ADHD Teens More Likely to be involved in Car Accidents

Though, teenage boys do happen to be a little reckless and brash in their hay days, yet a recent study has overlooked all those aspects to state that ADHD is responsible for increasing the risk of car crashes involving boys. The research has been conducted by a group of teenage researchers, who have looked into the relationship between teenage boys and car crashes and mental disorders.

The study involved the evaluation of 3,000 boys, who were involved in car accidents. It was found by the end of research that boys suffering from ADHD were more likely to be involved in accidents, as one-third of the accidents involved teenagers drivers suffering from various forms of ADHD.

While talking about the conclusion of the study, Dr. Donald Redelmeier from the University of Toronto stated that if teenagers suffering from ADHD bring down their risk of suffering a crash to that of normal boys, one in every 20 accidents could be prevented. He further blamed distraction to be the culprit behind increased accidents, as one moment of attention lapse could result in an accident.

The study by Dr. Redelmeier and colleagues has appeared in the journal PLoS Medicine, who found that ADHD pedestrians were also more likely to be injured in accidents. Apart from ADHD, patients felt that activities like talking over the phone and text messaging were also responsible for increased chances of accidents.