One-Day Strike Canceled By the Nurses

Nurses at the Washington Hospital Center called off a planned one day strike that had been scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving, after negotiating with the management, who agreed to postpone wage cuts. The two parties agreed over next 90 days without the threat of a strike.

The strike was a protest against unfair labor practices and wage cuts. General Secretary of the New South Wales Nurses Association, Brett Holmes, said, "Nurses have been frustrated for years by our public health system and the staffing levels within it".

Janis Orlowski, the hospital's Chief Medical Officer said that he was very happy with the union. The wage cuts have been postponed until March 1, which has relieved the nurses for a while.

Both the parties have conflicting issues over wages, benefits, nurse staffing and other issues including the firing of 18 nurses, who didn't report to work for almost a month.

The union raised allegations that few nurses were providing care to more patients, resulting in compromised care, and such a kind of treatment is denied by the hospitals officials.

Orlowski said that the hospital paid several million dollars to the nurse staffing agency under the contract of providing replacement nurses, when required.