Women trust Women in Health Matters

Research at the Australian National University reveals that health advertisements featuring men are not as efficient in targeting women.

Women are more likely to positively respond to advertisements that promote healthy nutrition if they feature a woman as spokesperson.

One of the leading researchers of the study and member of the psychology department, Tegan Cruwys, states: "What we discovered in this research was that women are most persuaded by a healthy eating message when it comes from another woman rather than when it comes from a man."

The test subjects were shown identical ads with differently gendered spokespersons of the same age and a similar outer appearance who announced exactly the same advertizing content. After watching the advertisements online the test subjects could choose to click on a link below them to obtain more information.

In cases the ad spokesperson has been a woman, 40% of the research participants followed the link. In case a man represented the ad, only 8% wanted to know more about it.

Cruwys underlines that the findings might be used to target health campaigns more effectively among women. She points out: "I think that means the Government's healthy eating initiative needs to be sure [it comes from] a member of the community that it's targeting, whether that community is Indigenous Australians or women or young people."