Doctor treats Patients with Toxic Chemical Cocktail and claims his Innocence

The Austrian rooted medic, Dr Hellfried Sartori, diverts his guilt of having treated Australian patients with an illegal chemical mixture and blames other medical health responsible for their deaths.

The doctor maintains to believe in the value of his alternative cancer treatment that he lastly practiced in Perth in 2005. The questionable treatment method contains to prescribe heavy drug cocktails to cancer diseased patients.

After five of his patients passed away, the case is now investigated and judged upon by the Australian legislative. In court the doctor explains his view on the death cause of five of his patients. "If those people had been treated properly they would be here today," he states.

In opposition, official health experts examined the chemical substances Sartori gave his patients and found that some of them are banned for medical use in Australia. The receivers of the drug mixes all indicated unbearable pain and showed symptoms such as internal bleeding before they died.

Suspicion about the accused medic is supported by his record as he already spends a period in jail after having practiced as a doctor without license in the US.

During the treatment time of the Australian patients, Sartori gave his staff of two nurses exact instructions on the treatment but himself stayed in Thailand. In his hearing he underlines his regret of not having been at place when complications occurred. Nevertheless, he highlights that the hospitals where the patients finally passed away failed to apply live-saving measures.

To criticism on his alternative, medical methods, the doctor responds: "Nature wants to heal itself and you have to provide the proper conditions. This is the art here."