New Surgery to Provide High Blood Pressure Patients Relief

A study, which was released on Wednesday, has sounded alarm bells for people suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension. According to researchers, high blood pressure can be remedied by performing a simple surgical procedure on people suffering from the condition, which would also help in bringing down hypertension levels in the patient.

The number of people involved in the study amounted to 52, with an average blood pressure of 178/96. The high blood pressure was found to be in patients, despite the fact that they were following a course of five hypertension medicines. After the surgery, it was found that blood pressure for patients saw an average fall of 32/12, whereas another batch of 54 patients receiving medication did not report any changes.

Division Head of Cardiovascular Medicine, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Dr. Douglas Weaver announced that the reported fall in blood pressure levels were impressive after the surgery. He added that the study was successful, especially as the surgery was successful on patients, who failed to respond to any type of medication.

A Hypertension Specialist at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Dr. Suzanne Oparil announced that success of the study is of immense importance, as though, the procedure was found to be effective on animals in the 1980s. However, it was only now that it was translated into human treatment.