Electric car completes 16,000 mile trip

A battery-powered electric car successfully completed a whopping 16,000 mile journey from Alaska to Argentina.

The electric car, dubbed SRZero, is developed at Imperial College's Energy Futures Lab. The combined cost of SRZero car and the trip stood at £750,000, but those envolved in the project saved a packet on petrol as the car was able to travel for 372 miles on a single charge that cost merely £3. The car has a top speed of 200km per hour.

The Racing Green Endurance team which undertook the challenge was consisted of undergraduate and postgraduate students along with alumni as well as staff.

The environment friendly electric car started the long journey in Alaska 140 days ago and finished in Argentina's Ushuaia, the southern-most city in the world.

For the duration of the expedition the team members had to encounter break-down, rock slides, two minor crashes, pot holes, sub-zero temperatures, theft of a camera and police enquires.

The aim of the mission was to prove that environment friendly electric vehicles are durable enough to compete against internal-combustion driven cars.