Smacking Beneficial For Youngsters Suggests a Study

The recent study by a Professor of psychology Marjorie Gunnoe, at Michigan’s Calvin College in the US, imposes doubts on the conventional fact that smacking leads to violent behavior or long- term harm, claiming that smacking young children might help them nourish happily and grant them a successful life.

Her study also shed light on the fact that there is insufficient support to the justify dictating to parents how best to raise their children, adding that claims against smacking are inconsistent. Also, it claims that smacking becomes damaging future behavior problems only when it is done on an adolescent.

Psychologist Aric Sigman agrees with the theory. “If smacking is done judiciously by a parent who is normally affectionate and sensitive to their child, our society should not be up in arms about that. Parents should be trusted to distinguish this from a punch in the face”.

However, the children’s group opposes it saying that the issue is of utmost concern, adding that it is a form of physical harassment and abuse resulting in long term harm to children. Hence parents should be doing away with it and this would send a clear message that violence is unacceptable irrespective of its reason.

Hence it's a controversial question that continues to divide parents: Should you ever smack a child?

The debate goes on.