Text woman Denied for Cancer Help

A women, who was recently sacked from her job at the university has claimed she was deceitfully dismissed from her job. In addition, she claimed that she was not offered even a small help from them when she discovered that she could lose an arm to cancer.

Tracy Scott, who had served as a premises manager at Edinburgh University Students Association for a period of over three years prior to his dismissal

The 42 year old was removed from her job after allegations that she used to send too many personal texts during working hours. It is revealed that she had committed gross misconduct by using her mobile phone and failing to stop sending her personal texts messages even after being told not to do the same from the authorities.

Besides, Ms Scott had just discovered that she is suffering from malignant tumors and is on a stage where nothing can be done. In addition, it is reported that she might lose her arm when she was forced to attend a disciplinary hearing which consequence in her withdrawal.

However, Ms Scott during a two-day employment tribunal in Edinburgh outlined that her line manager, Alan Blackwood, had never provided her with any sort of clear instructions to stop using her phone.