Doctors Assessing Safety and Effectiveness of Stem Cells in Stroke Patients through Trials

The doctors of Glasgow carried out trials for evaluating the effectiveness of stem cells in the brains of stroke patients.

The stem cells were infused into the brain of an elderly man affected with stroke at Southern General Hospital. He was injected with low doses of stem cells. Now, he has been released from the hospital and as per doctors, he was enjoying good health.

In UK, strokes take life of about 67,000 people every year, as per the Stroke Association. It is the third most common cause of deaths in England.

Around 12 more patients will be provided stem cells over the coming year, in order to evaluate the safety of treatment and to examine their contribution in repairing brains and improving their conditions.

The use of stem cells as treatments or researches on it is criticized as they are developed of fetuses. But, the company that is manufacturing the stem cells has claimed that they used fetuses only at the early stage and they were not employed further. Also, it has medical approval of making stem cells.

"We hope that in the future it will lead to larger studies to determine the effectiveness of stem cells on the disabilities that result from strokes", said Professor Keith Muir, a neuroscientist at Glasgow University.

The treatment during the trial will firstly be given to men over 60 affected with stroke and whose condition has seen little or no improvement over years. It the trial comes out to be a success, the treatment could be provided to more patients in distinct age groups.