FDA & Philippines Drug Regulator Team-up to Raise Awareness about Counterfeit Drugs

The US Food and Drug Administration, has issued warnings to people against consuming counterfeit medicines that have not been approved by the food and medicine regulator. The FDA has announced that medicines being sold in America, without its stamp of approval are counterfeit, as per the directives of the Special Law on counterfeit drugs, RA8203.

Apart from the FDA, the Philippine Pharmacists Association has also seconded the advisories issued by the US regulator. While talking about the development, Leony Ocampo has also announced that any drugs beings sold and not registered in the Philippines are considered to be counterfeit.

The two regulators have teamed up to warn people about drug proliferation and how some drug makers were producing medicines to exploit the needs of patients. Mr. Ocampo further announced that the counterfeit medicines being sold in the market made up 30% of the market share.

The FDA has also warned that a counterfeit product is any product which might be mimicking a renowned medicine by using a similar medicine, which means that the product is not authentic. It has further been stated by the FDA that counterfeit products are those which may contain insufficient, excessive or negligent amounts of a salt.

The two regulators have also raised the need among people to be more aware about counterfeit medicines, so that they are not duped.