High-Stress Jobs Linked to Cardiac Ailments in Women

Scientists in Harvard have announced that women working in stressful workplaces are at an 88% increased risk of suffering a heart attack. High-stress jobs have been labeled by scientists in the research as those jobs which involved minimal creativity and authority, while at the same time were demanding.

Apart from an 88% increased risk of suffering a heart attack, these women have been stated to be at a 40% increased risk of suffering a heart disease in contrast to women, who are employed in less stressful workplaces.

Scientists involved in the study blamed a lack of socializing and job strain as the main culprits behind the increased chances of suffering from a cardiac arrest or chronic heart diseases. The research has further included men amongst the group, who are at an increased risk of suffering heart ailments because of stressful work.

The study is a first that has looked into the adverse affects of high-stress jobs in women and was showcased at a congregation of the Annual Heart Association in Chicago.

While talking about the study, one of the authors of the study and an Associate Professor at the Harvard Medical School, Michelle Albert stated that the study pointed out towards the manner in which, mental stress being subjected to young women was affecting them in old age.