Mother, Baby Hospitalized after House Engulfed in Smoke

The need to keep a check on the functioning of fire alarms again came to notice, after a mother and her baby had to be rushed to hospital for smoke inhalation. Apparently, the two got trapped in a smoke logged house after a food packet fell into the hob of a cooker.

The incident had occurred around teatime on Sunday, with the fire department being intimidated about the problem, only when a neighbor reported the incident to the fire depot around 5:40PM. According to information available, an empty food packet had fallen into the heated cooker, following which, it started smoldering, which led to the excessive poisonous smoke in the house.

Both the mother and baby were checked into a hospital for smoke inhalation, with the baby being treated at the children's ward. The baby was even kept under observation for sometime by doctors to check that the baby was completely alright.

The smoky incident has led to fire chiefs, yet again reminding citizens to keep a check on the functioning of their fire alarms, as a malfunctioning fire alarm can turn fatal in a worst case scenario. People have also been advised to keep loose inflammable packets away from cooking appliances.