Young Carers in the UK Increase by Four-Times than Last Estimates

The findings of a new survey revealed that the proportion of young carers in the UK has increased by four-folds, as compared to the last identified official figures.

The BBC survey was carried out on 4,029 schoolchildren and one in 12 admitted that they carry out caring services such as bathing, dressing or washing family members. The figures mean that in UK there could be nearly 700,000 young carers. Around 175,000 young carers were recognized in the 2001 census.

The findings are based on the questionnaires related to the level and types of care children provide at home and the related activities they carry out.

As per the responses, 8% of the schoolchildren said that they cared about someone in their home during the past month for a lot of the time or some of the time. Nearly 29% of the students responded that they provide emotional care at the home either a lot of time or for some time.

Professor Saul Becker, Head of the school of sociology and social policy at the University of Nottingham said, "The survey points to a hidden army of UK young carers. The figures are a "wake-up call" to Governments and carers' organizations".

Though, the figures revelaed by the BBC about the young carers in UK were realistic, there were over 700,000 children and young people, who must be providing care to their parents or family members and were deprived of any support in UK, as stated by the National Young Carers Coalition.