Entrepreneurs Have to be Trained

This is believed to be the best time for the Global Entrepreneurship Week since at this point of time future economic growth in the North East is to be driven by the private sector.

This worldwide movement has been designed to help the people in unleashing the enterprising talents in events all over the globe.

Peter Jones, entrepreneur and Enterprise UK chair, said “Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught just like any other. That’s why Global Entrepreneurship Week is so vital right now”.

This movement intends to help people pursue their ideas, create new jobs and build global ambition among young people. Carole Beverley, Chief Executive of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum is said to have worked with many of the region’s leading business people.

She asserted that entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and hence it is very difficult to generalize them. But there are a few things which they have in common and these are vision, passion and determination and a shared drive to achieve growth.

She said that the region did not require people who would start a new business instead it needs some people who are capable of growth.