Salvation Army all Set to Knock Out Poverty

Poverty in Onslow County is and is supposed to be the main concern for the Salvation Army and there is no way where they can turn a deaf ear to their problems.

A woman is said to have come to the Salvation Army on Bell Fork Road with two little boys asking for a box of groceries.

While carrying the grocery to the Dodge Caravan, Salvation Army Captain Joe Mure is said to have found out that the gasoline was pouring out of the car. When he asked her if she was not aware of it, she simply gave a nod and said that she did not have the money to fix it.

Captain Joe is then said to have taken the car to Smith's Auto Repair on Bell Fork Road. Smith's too reportedly agreed to repair the car at no charge but since he needed the parts therefore Captain Joe went to Auto Zone to get the parts where he was offered discounts.

Hence the repair which could have easily taken some $500 was completed for even less than $200.

"It was incredible. That car was a fire bomb waiting to happen. These businesses stepped forward to get involved and lend a hand. This is not the first time", said Captain Joe.