Nora Ephron Claims That her Memory Fails in the Book “I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections”

In the new book "I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections", the writer Nora Ephron asserts that she remembers nothing.

Ephron expressed that she kept writing things in her computer freely and then engaging with some other tasks. She said, ``I had the title very early on. I'm a big one for titles. Needless to say, I don't remember the exact process".

In the opening essay of the book, Ephron lists many people, incidents and details of her life, she has forgotten. Those some memoirs include the 1964 weekend when she played The Ed Sullivan Show with Eleanor Roosevelt, Cary Grant and Dorothy Parker. She added that the Senior Moment has been replaced with the Google Moment. She also mourned over not remembering the celebrities in People magazine.

She said that she did remember a little high school math, but she could not recognize celeb in the magazine, may be due to the fact that at her age, such things were not important to be remembered.

She was also left with just the collected memories of her friends and nothing else. She expressed not remembering the questions about feminism and the politics of women and fashion asked in context of her play Love, Loss & What I Wore.

She also talked about other things she was not able to remember at the age of sixty nine.