Scientists Find Male Hormones that Contributes in Developing Prostate Cancer

The male hormones that contribute significantly in encouraging certain genetic mutation and give way to the growth of tumours affecting one with prostate cancer have been found by the scientists.

The study that was carried out by a crew of researchers led by experts at the Institute of Cancer at Queen Mary University of London took under scrutiny male sex hormones called androgens. The hormones are identified in many cancers and are formed with the amalgamation of DNA from distinct parts of the genetic regions.

The researchers found that androgens are developed with the combination of two specific genes TMPRSS2 and ERG. The discovery of the hormones would help finding treatments. The findings of the study appeared in the journal Cancer Research.

Dr. Yong-Jie Lu, the lead researcher from the Institute of Cancer stated that it was an important discovery that would assist preventing the disease in future with the help of new treatments. He added that by learning to control and manage androgen levels, lives of thousands of men could be saved who were at high risk of developing the cancer or possessed a family history of prostate cancer.