iGiveadam bags ‘Best Overall App’ award at UK's first AppJam

Blood donor app `iGiveadam' has been named as the winner of the `Best Overall App' award, at the UK's first AppJam that took place in Dundee.

Participants were given 48 hours to produce a new phone App. The winner app, iGiveadam, allows blood donors to connect with one other using social media and reminds them when they can donate blood next time. It also mentions the nearest blood donation centre to the user.

General public announcements are also provided by the winner app. Organisers claimed that a significant number of international firms were looking to publish the iGiveadam app for overseas territories.

Project Manager Andy Mackenzie from the Centre for Creative and Digital Industries at Dundee College said that they had asked the participant teams to think about the app's projected function.

Speaking on the topic, Mackenzie added, "No matter what an app does, it needs to crack the problem that they set out to solve, which iGiveadam clearly delivered on."

A total of 13 teams had participated challenge to produce the next winning app. The winners will get the latest Nokia handsets and one-year subscription to lynda. com, which is an online training organization.