Agreement Finalized Between Nurses' Union and Quebec

Finally after a yearlong negotiations, the largest nurses union of Quebec made a deal in principle on Saturday that would renew the collective agreement of some 58,000 nurses in the region.

The agreement with the nurses' union Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé include that the nurses working for an additional time despite of their administrative tasks will be compensated. This means they would get an annual salary increase between 2 and 3.45%.

The other terms of the agreement include Government would not take help of private agencies by more than 40%. The nurses from private agencies would only be asked to offer services on casual basis and not on permanent one. The deal has provided nurses with flexibility of work timings that means now, they can adjust their working hours into four days.

There will be bonuses to the nurses working in evening and night shifts and shifts in critical care.

"As a minister, it's very important because once we have an agreement we can work to improve the conditions of the nurses, but also we can improve the care that we can give to the patients", said Health Minister Yves Bolduc.

The settlement was not consented by the FIQ to abide by in June last. The negotiations started again in September and the FIQ was backed by some 600 organizations from health, community and organized labour groups in October.