Canada Low on Cigarette Warnings Ranking

The list posing the international rankings of cigarette package health warnings has claimed that Canada has registered a remarkable slip following its rise to the top spot witnessed a decade ago.

Under the new listing, Canada stands at the 15th position alongside 18 other countries. The new listing will witness its official release today by the Canadian Cancer Society on the opening day of a World Health Organization tobacco control conference in Uruguay.

It has been witnessed that Canada initiated on the track to modernize tobacco labels in August 2004.

Over 39 countries stood behind Canada in the world ranking since 2001, with numerous surpassing it with bigger and more graphic warnings.

The new list ranks Uruguay at the top position. The Latin American country is found to require graphic warning images to cover over 80% of the surface of cigarette packages.

Rob Cunningham, the cancer society's Senior Policy Analyst, posted: "Governments recognize that picture warnings are the way to go, but they need to be refreshed to maintain the best effectiveness. That's what other governments are doing, and these are governments that have far less capacity than Canada".