Investigation into Legionnaires' Disease Underway at an Essex Hospital

As of today, investigations are being undertaken seriously as health officials are busy examining a potential outbreak of legionnaires' disease at a hospital in Essex which is currently under their scrutiny microscope for an unusually high number of death.

After two patients were suspected of being infected with the bacteria responsible for the disease, the probe was started at Basildon University Hospital. This is the same hospital which was, back in November, criticized bitterly for housing equipment which is blood spattered and unhygienic.

As confirmed by a hospital spokesperson, tests are currently being undertaken to uncover the source of the suspected outbreak of the disease.

Both the patients, who were housed in different parts of the hospital, have sent in their swabs, which have been forwarded to a laboratory for more detailed analysis.

"We are investigating two suspected cases of legionnaires' disease. We do lots of testing for legionella in patients who have suspicious respiratory infections. We have had problems with the disease before so we are acutely aware of the risk of the bacteria. We have particularly high levels of control and are constantly performing checks and taking preventative measures", the spokeswoman said.