Quality of Transplant Organs Falling Rapidly

The shortage of organs in UK has reached another low, after it was recently revealed that the NHS was using tar-infested lungs of smokers for transplants. Apart from lungs, the shortage has resulted in surgeons using other organs of drug addicts and old people for transplants.

The reason behind the irresponsible manner of transplants has been stated to be because of the high shortage of organs. According to the current statistics, it has been found that currently, around 8,000 people are in the waiting list for an organ transplant, though because of the lack of donations, nothing concrete to help the patients can be done.

Associate Medical Director, NHS Blood and Transplant, Professor James Neuberger stated that though an ideal lung transplant would be from the body of a 20-year-old man, who has never smoked before. However, that was not the case as organ donations were not being seen from anyone.

It also needs to be noted that the transplantation of organs from drug addicts and others can result in the recipient being at an increased risk of developing Hepatitis C and HIV. In order to provide more options to recipients because of the current situation, the NHSBT is currently preparing new rules to ensure that patients give their consent before receiving a damaged organ.