Scientists Identify Hormone Responsible for Prostate Cancer

In a major breakthrough in the fight against prostate cancer, scientists have been able to identify the hormones responsible for a change in the genes of a person resulting in the condition of prostate cancer. The new discovery could help scientists in better understanding prostate cancer and also help in finding a remedy for the dreaded condition.

The androgen hormones and their connection to genes were closely examined in the study. The mutated genes by the hormones were found to be present in many people suffering from cancer; it was found that the DNA of people had merged together after being exposed to androgens.

The study was conducted by scientists at the Queen Mary University, London. The study concluded that androgens result in the fusion of different genes to promote the growth of cancer in people. Apart from concluding that gene mergers were responsible for causing cancer among people, it was also announced that the most common gene among prostate cancer sufferers was The TMPRSS2: ERG.

The research work in the study will appear in the publication Cancer Research. The financers for the study included Orchid, a cancer charity for men and Medical Research Council.

While talking about the finding of the study, Dr. Yong-Jie Lu, a lead author stated that the finding was very important and would also help in further finding a cure for the condition as well.