Research Booster from Family with diseased Son

The Patrick Wild Centre for Research received a six-figure donation from a desperate family that requests the researchers to find a cure or treatment for their son.

Little Kenz suffers from the Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition that is yet under researched. His parents, Gus Alusi and Reem Waines contributed the money in order to find a treatment for their son.

The Fragile X Syndrome might lead to patient’s decreased ability to learn and comprehend increased anxiety and hyperactivity as well as language disabilities. Autism and Fragile X Syndrome are diseases closely linked to each other concerning their consequence of intellectual disability

Professor of developmental neuroscience and co-director of the new centre, Peter Kind, expresses: "Because we now know the genetic basis of fragile X syndrome, our hope is that we can use this knowledge to understand the biology of both fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. This new centre will facilitate the study of these conditions”.

The Patrick Wild Centre for Research is specialized on diseases such as Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities and is connected to the Edinburgh University.

The centre represents a novelty in the UK and medical experts such as medics as well as scientists operate together. The research institution is attached to a clinic in which patients volunteer to be test subjects for medical tests and clinical trials on new medication and treatment methods.