Samsung Windows Phone 7 can tether over USB

Users of Omnia 7 and Focus can rejoice in the recent finding by HDBlog. it (an Italian blog) which has enabled tethering in spite of Microsoft denying of the same during the launch event of Windows Phone 7.

This however will work just for Samsung WP7 users for the time being and the others will just have to wait and watch whether it will be available on other WP7 models.

Tethering in its literal terms means connecting the phone to a data device (usually a laptop) with the help of a data cable, thus making use of the phone’s wireless connection for connecting to the net on the laptop. Contrary to internet usage on phone, internet use through tethering are normally charged more.

A few simple steps to tether your Samsung WP7 devices –

First, ##634# is to be dialled and called, opening diagnosis mode. Next, in the diagnosis mode, *#7284# is to be dialled for opening the tethering configuration window. Next, ‘Modem tethered call’ is to be selected. Next the prompts are to be followed till the phone restarts. Once the phone restarts, it is to be connected by the USB and the drivers will get installed to the laptop.