Swiss Roll 'diet' made her gain weight

Maxine Hobson, a grandmother of five has come up to suggest a diet in which she only ate Swiss Rolls which caused her to gain weight rather than lose it.

She is said to have replaced her meals with two feet of the log shaped cake, which contained 3,000 calories every day. The 50 year old is said to have consumed more than 500 Swiss Rolls eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in just nine months.

All this had been done by her in an attempt to lose weight, however things went the other way.

She said "I would always make sure I had a Swiss Roll in the cupboard. I'd go shopping and pick lots up from the £1 shop. They were easy and quick and I would cut them up and snack on them all day".

She further said that she had been having cravings and she did not want to go for sugar. Therefore she chose an alternative which very fatty and she started consuming around two Swiss Rolls every day.

She says that the wakeup call came when she was unable to fit in a swing while she was in a park with her grandchildren. She then realized that she would have to cut Swiss Rolls out in place of a healthier diet.