Expert Backs move by AHS to Improve Waiting Time in ERs

A Healthcare Analyst at the University of Calgary, Dr. Tom Noseworthy has stated that the decision of Alberta Health Services to begin posting individual wait times of all hospitals online was good. He further added that the move would help healthcare services in improving public confidence in the healthcare system.

While talking about the move, Dr. Noseworthy stated that health services in the province had never been so public about such information. The decision by Alberta Health Services would definitely help in improving the efficiency levels of hospitals across the province.

According to , current statistics, it has been found that less than 35% people coming for medical care at the three adult emergency rooms in Calgary are admitted within eight hours of their arrival. According to the objective that has been setup by AHS, a minimum 45% people would have to be admitted within 8 hours of the arrival of patients at ERs.

The targets set by AHS would have to be reached by next year. However, for the first week of November admittance rate at hospitals in Calgary was far below the standards, with Rockyview General Hospital admitting a mere
24% patients before 8 hours of arrival, followed by Peter Longheed Centre at 30% and Foothills Hospital at 34%.