Mysterious Dengue Fever Case in Florida

The Miami-Dade Health Department announces the first diagnosed case of dengue fever in the Miami-Dade County region since the 1950s.

The diseased male has been hospitalized for a short period of time and reports to feel completely healthy again. It is unknown where the infected caught dengue fever as he did not leave the region for more than two weeks before his diagnosis.

The dengue virus is solely transmitted by mosquitoes and mainly occurs in subtropical or tropical areas but barely in the US.

The medical expert, Dr. Andrew Gotlin, who is the medical Director of the Ryan Chelsea Clinton Community Health Center in New York City, underlines that Florida citizens are not in urgent danger. He points out that the infection might in some cases result in serious health damage such as high fever, headaches or even bleeding of nose, ears or gums.

“It could also lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is more serious, resulting in low blood pressure; the patient needs to be hospitalized and managed. Dengue hemorrhagic fever can be fatal”, Gotlin stresses. “How sick the person gets with the fever really depends on how healthy the human is, how strong their immune system is. Most don’t get hemorrhagic fever, it is very rare”.

The recent status quo of medical research could not invent an effective vaccination against dengue fever yet. The only prevention is to protect oneself from mosquito bites with help of body spray and window screens especially in high risk areas. In case of dengue suspicion, patients should not hesitate from seeking immediate medical attention.