‘Killer Heels’ Campaign against Pneumonia; Celebrities Show Support

The Save the Children charity is calling on the public to donate their `killer heels' to help fund vaccines and antibiotics that will help prevent children from catching pneumonia.

"Five pounds is all it takes to save a child's life. With a pair of shoes selling for £50, we will be able to save ten children's lives", said Ishbel Matheson from the charity. They hope to stop the "needless deaths" caused by pneumonia, which totaled 2 million in the last five years.

The charity already has support from the celebrity world. Samantha Cameron, Sienna Miller, Pixie Lott, Sophie Ellis-Baxter, Nigella Lawson and Jonathan Ross have all made their donations. Designers Nicole Farhi and Manolo Blahnik are also giving their support.

The Killer Heels campaign also has the support of the Daily Mirror, which has urged Britons to donate a pair of designer shoes to the cause.

The money raised through the Killer Heels campaign will go towards such campaigns as Kangaroo Care, which set up a clinic where mothers could learn how to best care for their babies to ensure their survival.

The shoes gathered will be exhibited at Living and Giving charity shops around the country, and will eventually be auctioned online at the end of the year.