Frankston’s Smoking Ban Extends to More Places

The step taken by Frankston to make the outdoor areas smoke-free also covered Shannon Street Mall, Stiebel Place, the western side of Young Street, Gallery Lane and Station Street Mall yesterday.

As per Frankston Mayor Christine Richards, the trial has been taken to spread awareness among the community that smoking is lethal. She added that with the trail project of banning smoking in outdoor areas, people would come to know that every year 4000 people in Victoria give up their life to smoking.

Those who violate the rules of no smoking at the prohibited areas could get fined with a $200 amount and if the offender repeats the mistake, he/she can be fined with up to $2000.

The effort put in by Frankston has been praised by the Heart Foundation and Quit Victoria. Peninsula Health was also declared as smoke-free zone quite recently.

Rob Macindoe, General Manager of Peninsula Health said, "Peninsula Health welcomes Frankston City Council's initiative and looks forward to working together to achieve a healthier community".

At the prohibited areas for smoking, signboards and cigarette butt at the entrances have been installed by the council. The council's local law officers, the ambassadors and City Safe officers will take care about the accurate implementation of the smoking ban in the trial area.